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Maco Antennas Type: Comet
Antennas USA  
Antenna 10/11 Meter Base

A long-distance 6-Element Base Station Antenna with 12.5 dB Gain and Dual Polarity.

This antenna is designed for CB’ers who want a booming base station but space is a problem.
And, it has the MACO 2 KW Power handling capability.


  • Construction: Telescoping Aluminum Tubing
  • Element Clamps: Quality Aluminum, Full Compression, No Holes drilled in elements or boom means longer life
  • Boom-to-Element Mount: Heavy Extruded Aluminum
  • SWR Adjustment: Gamma Match 52 Ohm
  • Power Handling Capability: 2 KW, Optional are 5 KW, 10 KW or 30 KW Gamma Matchers available.

Mechanical specifications:

  • Boom Length: 351 cm (11,5 feet)
  • Boom OD: 3,8 cm ( 1.5 inches)
  • Number of Elements: 6
  • Longest Radius: 533 cm (17,5 feet)
  • Turn Radius: 320 cm (10.5 feet)
  • Surface Area: 1,49 m2 (4 sq.ft)
  • Wind Survival: 135 Km/h (90 Miles)
  • Tuning: 11 Meters
  • Gain in dB: 12.5
  • Power Multiplication: 21x
  • Front-to-Back Separation: 34 dB
  • VSWR adjustable: 1.1:1
  • Weight: 9.5 Kg (21 Pounds)

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€ 520.00
Euro 520.00

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