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Gizmotchy SK12 Antenne

Gizmotchy SK12 Antenne

Gizmotchy Antennas Type: SK12  
Antennas USA
366 cm (12 feet) Universal Antenna Support Kit

Gizmotchy quick facts:

  • Wind survival rating is 135 Km/h (90 mph) - as long as sheet metal screws (included with beam) are used as recommended.
  • All Gizmotchy 10/11 Meter Beams use 2 feed lines, can be used in either horizontal or vertical mode with a standard coax switch.
  • A gizmotchy Support Kit is recommended for beams exceeding 5 elements.
  • All 10/11 Meter Beams are available with either 1500 or 5000 Watt gammas.
  • All Gizmotchy Products are proudly made in the USA.

€ 115.00
Euro 115.00

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Gizmotchy SK12 Antenne

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Inhoud pakket:

  • Antenna
  • Mounting Materials
  • Instructions in English